Ramp Riders pro-shop is fully stocked


We have everything you need for your skateboard or bike! 

If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, you can order your parts from us at no extra charge. 

As long as the manufacturer has your part in stock, we will receive it within 3-5 days, and there will never be a shipping charge.

Support your scene!  Every penny you spend at Ramp Riders helps keep your scene alive. 

Purchasing from mail order companies does not help keep your kick ass skatepark open. 

Our prices are the same as all the major mail order companies.

If you need help with parts installation, we can show you how or install it for you for FREE!


We stock complete bikes. 

What could be better than testing out a bike at the skatepark before you buy it!

With the purchase of every complete bike you receive:

5 FREE sessions ($50.00 value)

1-YEAR FREE adjustments

FREE parts installment if you choose to purchase additional parts from the proshop.